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On May 11, 2013, numerous practitioners from two regions came together under one roof.  Mr. Rich Ahlers, Owner and Chief Instructor of Newtown Moo Duk Kwan®, officially opened his doors to his dojang to the public.  Mr. Ahlers, Jo Kyo Nim, (Dan Bon 45476) hosted the grand opening of his dojang at the Newtown Fitness and Academy Center in Fairfield Hills, Newtown, Connecticut.  Several studio owners, instructors, and members of our Region 2 area attended the grand opening in a show of solidarity and support for Mr. Ahlers.

Mr. John Kim (Dan Bon 23643) performed as Master of Ceremonies and kept the program on track introducing various participants during the exhibitions and demonstrations.  He is a student of Eui-Sun Choi Sa Bom Nim (Dan Bon 19203).  While Choi Sa Bom Nim is currently spreading The Art of Soo Bahk Do in Shanghai, China, Frank Bonsignore Sa Bom Nim (Dan Bon 15805) is Mr. Kim's acting instructor at HQ in Springfield, NJ.  Thank you Mr. Kim.

Along with the visiting Ko Dan Ja, Dan members and Gup members, we were honored by H.Y. Kwon, Sa bom Nim (Dan Bon 10805, 9th Dan) and Ben Cortese, Sa bom Nim, Charter Member (Dan Bon 11689, 8th dan), with H.Y. Kwon Sa Bom Nim, conducting a special clinic for all in attendance.

After traditional opening ceremonies, H.Y. Kwon, Sa Bom Nim taught a very nice clinic emphasizing the use of the Hu Ri (Hip) and showing us how to use lateral movement to improve our training and awareness of the Hu Ri.

After the clinic, various Ko Dan Ja (Studio Owners, Instructors, and a Region 2 Examiner) provided everyone in attendance with some fabulous exhibitions and Kyo Pa (Breaking) demonstrations.

Everyone who participated performed Chil Sung Il Ro hyung in a group performance. Below are some photos taken during the clinic, exhibition and demonstrations.  The Photos are courtesy of Mr. Tony Le, used with permission, all rights reserved.

In a show of support, and with the leadership of D.K. Kwon, Sa Bom Nim, who organized the participation of members in Region 2 and Region 1; Mr. Ahlers was presented with a monetary contribution to help launch and support his new Moo Duk Kwan® dojang.

It is important to support events like this, it continues to show how really connected we are, not only as practitioners of the art, but also as members of a unified organization that continues to provided excellence in Moo Do through the action of our participation.  Thank you goes out to all the Ko Dan Ja, Dan members and Gup members; and parents and family members, who attended and showed their support for Mr. Ahlers and his students.   A special thank you to H.Y. Kwon, Sa bom Nim and Ben Cortese, Sa bom Nim for providing guidance and support. 


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